Monday, March 26, 2012

Carrot Bags

Here is a repost of a fun Easter project from last year.  I hope you enjoy!
I got this idea from my mom a few years ago.  Check out these cute little carrot bags.  They can be used as decoration (I stuffed mine with some grocery bags), or they can be filled with candy and goodies and treats and can be given as little Easter gifts.  They come together really quick, so dig through your fabric and find some scraps of orange and green fabric.  I used some orange burlap and love how they turned out.  So fun!
 Here is a quick tutorial (but they are pretty self-explanatory).
--First make a pattern on cardstock, regular paper, or whatever you have on hand.  The above picture shows the dimensions I used for mine.  Then cut your fabric out (of course lining up the fabric fold with the "fold" side of your pattern.
--Unfold the two pieces and sew them together (right sides together).  Fold in half (right sides in) and sew along the side seam, starting at the tip of the carrot.
--Turn right side out.
--Cut strips at the top to make the leafy top.  I made mine about 1/2" wide, and I cut down about 1 1/2".
--Then use strips of your green fabric (again about 1/2" wide) to make ties for the top of the bag.
Simple.  I guess that is how I roll around here because let's be honest, my kids don't allow for many projects that take time and too much concentration!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello Spring

The first day of spring is officially here--now if the weather would start cooperating.  Oh how I am looking forward to warm, spring weather.  I think it is getting close--at least I am hoping.  So, to help me feel spring-ish, I pulled out the spring decor.  I love the colors and brightness.  I LOVE SPRING!
 That BLOOM sign was one of my first posts.  Check it out!
 This banner/garland is a new favorite project.  I think I did it in, oh--about 5 minutes.  I grabbed some spring-colored scrapbook paper.  Used a drinking cup to trace and then cut out the circles.  Inked up the edges a bit.  Hung them on some ribbon with some tiny clothes pins.  Yay!
Happy Spring!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Pink & Purple Party

My daughter turned 4 last Saturday.  Hard to believe four years have passed since she was born.  I think she is officially becoming a "big girl" now.  Anyway, her birthday was cause for a big celebration--a pink and purple celebration to be exact.  (What else could a girl ask for?)

The party was complete with a pinata, games, cake & ice cream, and of course, 11 silly little girls, and 4 fun little boys.
The Birthday Girl
 The Birthday Shirt (go here for instructions)
 Our version of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"
 A birthday at our house isn't complete without a pinata.  (Go here to learn how to make one for yourself)
Oh, and here is a little tip I have learned over the years--I fill the pinata with a little pinata-goodie-bag for each kid coming to the party.  I also put in loose candy.  That way the kids are each guaranteed a certain amount of candy, but they still get to try to grab a bunch on their own way.  This seems to help all the kids feel like things are more equal.
And the Cake:
 I used a great recipe found here.  It was DELICIOUS!  (and rather hard to stop eating)
 Don't you love the colorful layers--light pink increasing to dark pink, then dark purple decreasing to light purple.
 This is how they looked just out of the oven.
All the fun kids!  What a fun day.  Happy Birthday to my Halle girl!