Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Twiggy Stars

A couple of weeks ago I got together with a couple of my sister-in-laws.  We were in need of a quick, easy, and cheap craft.  I was visiting my in-laws who live in the woods, really!  So we went and gathered some twigs, and this is what we came up with:
 They were super simple.
Start by breaking your sticks to be all about the same length.  You'll need 5 groups of about 3-4 twigs (depending on your preference).
 Tie each group together on each end.  Then form your star and tie the different sections together.

It doesn't get much easier than that...or cheaper!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I started my Thanksgiving prep today--bread cut up for stuffing, pies, and place cards.  Tomorrow I just need to mix up the rolls and make a salad.  Can't wait!  I LOVE Thanksgiving.  I hope you all have a good one!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Harvest...Thankful...It's Fall!

I think this is my favorite time of the year for decorations.  I love the thankful theme!  Here is how my house is decorated these days:
 I got the Thankful block idea here.
 I love my Thankful frame.  Each week everyone in my family thinks of something they are thankful for.  It is good to have a little reflection time.  I can't say I came up with the idea.  I copied it from somewhere, but for the life of me, I can't find it.  So please, if you have seen it somewhere and know, please let me know so I can give credit!    Yay!!  I found out where I got it.  It was from Heather over at WipperBerry and you can find the tutorial here.  Don't you LOVE it!!!
Leaf cards hung with simple Mod Podged clothes pins.
 A little jute strung through little eyelets.  Simple!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Leg Warmers

I hope you all had a great Halloween.  We had fun, but personally, I was excited to put away the Halloween decor and get the rest of my Thanksgiving decorations out!

Anyway, I thought I would share a few Halloween pictures of my kids--and the FANTASTIC (at least I thought so) leg warmers for my girlies.
 Halle wanted to be a ballerina.  Since it has decided to get COLD around here, I decided she needed the perfect accessory--leg warmers.  I cut off the arms of an old sweater that I never wear.  Love getting a use out of it!
 I had bought this spider costume a year ago when I was still pregnant and didn't know if I was having a boy or girl.  Well, while the costume is cute, I knew it needed something to make it look a little "girly."  I had just finished making these little leg warmers from THIS tutorial.  Once again, the perfect accessory!  I love how they turned out (and I love that they really did just take 10 minutes!).
 I am definitely going to be watching for cute little knee high socks to make more of these cute little things!