Friday, March 1, 2013

Lucky {St. Patrick's Day Wreath}

Hello friends.  I have been a little MIA lately.  It has been kind of a crazy month--sick kids, last minute vacations, life...lack of motivation & time to do some crafting.

But good news, I pulled things together today and made a fun little St. Patrick's Day wreath.  I made it with things I mostly had on hand.  I did buy some floral wire, however, it could be made without it.
Simple paper rosettes.  If you have never made them before (like me), they are simple.  Cut out circles--I used just two different sizes.  Then cut them into spirals.  You can cut them a little wavy to add a little more dimension if you would like.  I did this on about half of them.
Then, roll the circle starting with the outside.  **The side you want to show should be rolled toward the inside.  I played around and rolled some tighter and some looser.  I wanted them to all look a little different.
Now, I wanted to be able to reuse my wreath, so instead of just hot-gluing my flowers right to the wreath, I glued a small piece of brown floral wire to each flower.  Once they were wrapped, I let go and they loosen up a bit.  I then put a dab of hot-glue to the bottom flap of paper and pressed the flower down to hold it in place.  Really easy--I even had my 4-year-old making flowers.
 Then I simply wrapped the wired flowers around my wreath until it was full of flowers.  Once I finished, I decided it needed a little something else.  So, I printed a cute little "lucky" card, inked the edges, mounted it onto some cardstock and cardboard (just to make it a little sturdier).  I then glued it to a "v" piece of wire and attached it to the wreath.  Yay.  
Kind of fun. What do you think?