Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Pinwheel Pinata

Hello there!  I'm back.  Isn't summertime crazy?  I've been out of town for the past couple weeks.  Now that I am home though, I am hoping to get some good crafting done--I had so many plans for the summer, and my time is dwindling, so I better get busy.

Anyway--with my baby turning one, I had to come up with a pinata to follow in tradition with our family birthday parties.  I searched online for ideas for a pinwheel pinanta, and came up blank.  So I just put one together.
 So, I need to apologize.  I totally had step-by-step pictures, but they somehow got deleted...sad.  The good news though is that it was pretty easy, so I will just list what I did.

1-- Start out by making a simple paper-mache pinata.  I have a tutorial here. I wrapped the string around so it would hang from the center of the balloon instead of the blow-up end.
2--Once the pinata is done and stuffed with candy, paint it.  I just used regular craft paint.  I think I did two coats.
3--Take a sheet of poster board, cut off one end in order to make it square.
4--Paint a fun design on the poster.  I let my older kids help paint the circles.  They LOVED being involved.
5--Cut a circle in the center of the poster board.  The circumference needs to be the size of the center of the pinata.
6--Cut diagonal slits from each corner in toward the cut-out circle.  The slit needs to come stop just a few inches before reaching the cut-out circle.
7--Slide the poster onto the pinata.  With a glue gun, secure the back of the poster onto the pinata with a strip of glue all around the circle.
8--Fold every other edge up and tuck behind the balloon.  Glue this to secure into place.

That's it.  Hopefully this all made sense.
Oh, and just in case you wanted to see a picture of the cake, here it is:
(She LOVED the cake, by the way.  My baby girl definitely has a sweet tooth!)

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