Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Painting Spring

There are so many tutorials out there on painting words on boards, but I thought I would add mine.
This is what I ended up with, but I wasn't sure if I loved the flower or not, so I made my sign double-sided.
What do you think?  Which side are you liking best?  I'd love to hear your input.

Anyway, here are the steps.
1--Find a board and paint it.  I wanted the wood to show through, so I watered down my blue paint.
2--For the flower and the wording, because I am not lucky enough to have a Silhouette  or a Cricket, I did it the old fashioned way.  Hopefully this little tip will come in handy for some of you in my same situation.  I printed my words and flower out--the size and font that I wanted on my sign.  Then, I simply traced the outline of the text on the BACK of the printout with PENCIL.
 3--Then just tape the paper where you want it on the board.  Use something hard (I used the marker lid) to rub over the lettering.  This will rub the pencil onto the board.  You can then paint in the lines.
**Oh, and as a tip, it takes 2 or 3 coats of paint on the lettering.  The first coat doesn't look great, but by the 2nd, it starts looking much better!  Plus, it doesn't have to be perfect because it will all be sanded a little bit in the end.
4--Sorry, I don't have a picture of this step.  But once it is painted, just sand down the edges really well.  I also sand over the lettering a little bit to get a worn look.
5--Stain the whole board.  And you are DONE!


  1. Love, love, love your sign. I am now following (stalking) you! Visiting from Show and Tell at Blue Cricket.
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  2. Beautiful sign and I like both sides! I really like the flower on the "bloom" side. I want to make some signs for our newly finished basement--thanks for sharing how you made yours.

  3. No, I LOVE the flower! And the extra pop of color. But very smarty pants of you to make it double sided so you can switch it when the mood strikes you!


  4. I am enjoying reading about these darling projects. Glad I'm not the ONLY one without a Cricut. I also like using old fashioned carbon paper for this kind of thing. Great blog.

    Warmly, Michelle

  5. Oh I love how you have the word with the flower and the wood grain showing through. It's all very rustic and the bright blue just makes it pop! I would be delighted to have you link this to my VIP party this weekend =)

  6. Love it! I love both sides and with my self-diagnosed and untreated ADD, I would be flipping it over every hour on the hour..LOL! I am now a follower of your beautiful blog! Come by and visit me when you get a chance!