Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ragtime Quilt--Part 1

A little girl is coming to our house in July, so I have been working on a little baby quilt for her.  I did a ragtime quilt for both my other kids, so I had to keep up with the tradition.  For those of you wanting to make a ragtime quilt, do it with me!

I decided to use 6" squares (5" finished).
9 squares by 9 squares
Finished quilt size will be 45" x 45"
**You can use smaller or bigger squares--I have done 3 1/2" squares before.  You can also just leave your fabric in strips.  But remember, the smaller squares use more fabric and take more time to cut.  But of course, do what YOU want!

   Warm & Natural Batting
Step 1:
     Select your FLANNEL fabric.  For this quilt, I used 9 different fabrics (and will have 9 squares of each).  Each square consists of 2 pieces of the same fabric for the front and the back.  From each fabric you will end up cutting 18 squares.  I think it is good to select a few fabrics with patterns, as well as a few fabrics that are solid.  Also, if you are using smaller squares, remember that you don't want to use big patterns.
Step 2:
     Cut your fabric.  I first cut 6" strips, and then I cut the strips into 6" squares.
Step 3:
     Cut your batting into 5" squares.  If you are doing a quilt the same size as mine, you will need a total of 81 squares of batting.  This batting is a little more expensive than other battings, but remember it really wide, and you really don't need that much.  (I think I used 1/2 yard or less)
Step 4:
     Sandwich a piece of batting between 2 matching flannel squares (right sides out).  Then PIN, PIN, PIN.  Trust me.  I know it takes time, but it is WELL worth the time, otherwise your squares won't line up in the end.  
Step 5:
    Start sewing the squares---big X's.  Just a straight line from corner to corner.

Okay.  So get going.  Then we'll finish the rest of the quilt soon!  Happy Sewing!

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