Thursday, June 30, 2011

Water Balloon Toss

Water balloons are the PERFECT Summertime activity!  All kids love them.  This simple sling-shot makes them even more fun-for kids and adults!  It's REALLY simple to make, too!
-An old pair of jeans (men's probably works best since they are a little wider)
-Surgical Tubing--about 15' of 1/2" diameter (purchase at medical supply stores or in some pharmacies.)
   **if you can find thicker tubing (about 1"), you only need half that amount because it doesn't need to be doubled up.

1--Take your jeans and cut about a 11" section off between the knee and the waist (you don't want the pocket).  Keep the side seams in tact, just cutting straight above the knee and then again 11" up from there.
2--Sew about an inch seam along the jean side seams.  This is where you will feed the tubing.
3--Feed your surgical tubing through those sides you just sewed.  Go around twice so the tubing is doubled up.  Tie your two ends together in a tight knot.
 Now, Have FUN!
You just need 3 people to operate the sling-shot.  One on each side to stretch the tubing out, and one to place the water balloon in the jean sling, pull back, aim, and fire.
It's a BLAST, and a great activity for friends, neighbors, and family!


  1. Looks like so much fun! What a great idea! Love your blog!
    xo Jennifer (

  2. Looks like fun! I'm sure my hubby would thoroughly enjoy the slingshot!

  3. So, so fun! My kids would absolutely love it!