Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Poor Man's Panini Press

Okay, so I LOVE panini sandwiches!  I think they are quite possibly my all-time favorite food.  Only problem is I don't have a panini grill.  Luckily, my sister gave me this great tip of how ANYONE can make their own panini using simple things everyone has lying around their kitchen:
1--A Griddle (either electric, or one used on your stovetop)
2--A heavy frying pan
3--Heavy cans from your pantry (I usually use pumpkin puree).

That's it.  You want to see how it is done?
 Make your sandwich.  Smash two sides together.  No butter needed on outside of bread.
 Place heavy pan with heavy canned goods on top of your sandwiches.  You can do several sandwiches at once--which is great for a family!
 Cook several minutes on each side--just check occasionally to know when to flip the sandwich.  Cook until brown and a little crusty.
Stay tuned for this great recipe.  Yum!

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  1. that looks delicious! gonna have to try that...