Thursday, December 1, 2011

Simple Ornaments

Each year I make ornaments for my kids.  Usually I am kind of scrambling to get them done by Christmas Eve.   However, this year I beat the rush {amazingly}.  I saw some similar ornaments on Pinterest.  Here they are:
Pretty simple.  A little felt cut into varying sized circles.  Hand-stitching on a few of the circles.  Hot Glue it all together and add some stretchy cording (or ribbon, twine, jute, etc).
You've gotta love Christmas time!
 (Oh, and I am currently loving Sarah McLachlan-Holiday station on Pandora--just in case anyone was wondering)


  1. These look so great! I've made ornaments for my nieces and nephew every year since I married into the family. I've got them taken care of already, but now I have a baby of my own. This is the perfect idea for his ornament this year. Thank you so much for posting it.

  2. Such a cute, and easy idea! Thanks for sharing! :)