Monday, March 12, 2012

A Pink & Purple Party

My daughter turned 4 last Saturday.  Hard to believe four years have passed since she was born.  I think she is officially becoming a "big girl" now.  Anyway, her birthday was cause for a big celebration--a pink and purple celebration to be exact.  (What else could a girl ask for?)

The party was complete with a pinata, games, cake & ice cream, and of course, 11 silly little girls, and 4 fun little boys.
The Birthday Girl
 The Birthday Shirt (go here for instructions)
 Our version of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"
 A birthday at our house isn't complete without a pinata.  (Go here to learn how to make one for yourself)
Oh, and here is a little tip I have learned over the years--I fill the pinata with a little pinata-goodie-bag for each kid coming to the party.  I also put in loose candy.  That way the kids are each guaranteed a certain amount of candy, but they still get to try to grab a bunch on their own way.  This seems to help all the kids feel like things are more equal.
And the Cake:
 I used a great recipe found here.  It was DELICIOUS!  (and rather hard to stop eating)
 Don't you love the colorful layers--light pink increasing to dark pink, then dark purple decreasing to light purple.
 This is how they looked just out of the oven.
All the fun kids!  What a fun day.  Happy Birthday to my Halle girl!

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