Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Growing Seeds {I HEART Gardens}

I Love, Love, Love having a garden!  There is nothing like picking fresh veggies right out of your backyard for dinner.  Oh, and NOTHING beats a home-grown tomato.  Mmm.  Love.

So anyway, we recently moved about 8 months ago.  One of my big requirements was that we needed to find a place we could have a garden.  Well, we found a great house--but a garden was out of the question.  Big bummer!

Well, luckily for us, we found a place to have a garden--it is a few miles from our house, but I feel SO fortunate for finding such kind people who are willing to share their property with people such as me!  Hooray.  I was seriously giddy when I found out we would get our garden after all!

It seems that we always have a few seeds that never come up, so I decided to get some seeds started at home that we can transplant to our garden.  This is done quite easily.
I simply took some egg cartons, filled them with planting soil, placed a seed in each spot, lightly covered with more soil, and watered.  We had sprouts within a few days.  It has only been a week now--and look how big some are getting!  Hooray for zucchini, and cabbage, and squash, and cucumbers, and watermelon.  Tomorrow is the big day we will transplant these beautiful sprouts.  
Transplanting is easy too.  I just use scissors to cut apart the individual sections of carton.  Carefully kind of cut away the bottom of the carton.  If you can't really cut away because of the roots don't worry.  The carton will decompose and the roots will continue to grow through the carton.  Then you can just plant the individual section in your garden.  Pretty simple!
Happy Planting!

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