Monday, January 23, 2012


I am loving that I am actually getting some crafting done these days!  I guess now that Christmas is over I feel like I actually have time to do some crafts.  Hooray!
 Here is a quick little Valentines Day craft.  All that is needed: Scrapbook paper & a sewing machine.
 If you remember way back, I made these cute little cards.  Well, I decided to do the same thing only a little bigger--and then frame it without the glass.  Super easy.  I love the 3-D effect of having the different hearts folded out.
 Oh, and to add a little something something, I stitched "love" down at the bottom with my sewing machine.  I like the detail (even if it's kind of hard to see on the dark paper).
Love.  Love.  Love.  Gotta Love it!


  1. I love your Valentine themed table! Very cute : )

  2. I adore this! Cute paper and cute heart!! I love that you sewed them on! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!