Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rockin' it With The Kids

I did a little crafting with my kids this week--and they had the BEST time!  They are always wanting to help paint my projects, but let's be honest--that is not always a good idea.  Well, here is a project that they can paint without messing up.  LOVE ROCKS!
Simply go on a "Rock Hunt" with the kids.
Let them paint them whatever color they want.
Paint on hearts or other V-Day things.
Put in a jar.
Then, these rocks become a motivator to do a little service for family members.  We are using them to show our love between now and Valentines Day.  If we want to let someone in our family know they are loved, we can simply do a little act of service for them and leave a little "Love Rock."
Beautiful. Simple. Free.  LOVE!
Go give some one a rock!

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