Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime?

Is it summertime for you yet?  My kids still have a week and a half of school left--ugh!  I think I was ready for school to be done a few weeks ago.  Oh well.  But while I am anxious, I know we will all go a little crazy in my house if we don't have some FUN things planned.  To help with this, I created this:
I love when a project comes together how I have planned in my mind!  This little project started brewing in my mind after seeing similar kinds of things on other blogs.  I have had these cute little buckets and the little rod for quite sometime--just been waiting for the right project.  Finally, I figured out what I needed them for!
Here is what I did:

I just used Q-Tips for this.  You don't need very much.  I just spread some along the corners, edges, and randomly through the middle of the board.
To paint the wording, I used the same process I always use when making signs.  Find out HERE.
After I painted the letters, I did a little more sanding over the whole thing--mostly just to give the wording that worn look to match the rest of the board.  Then I just hung the rod.  Simple!
For the buckets, I decided to have one full of activities for me to do with the kids while the husband is at work (or sleeping--he works nights), one full of Family activities, and an empty one to fill up with the activities we actually do (hopefully it will be full by the end of the summer).
I am so excited.  My kids are too--in fact, we did our first activity this afternoon.  We made THESE delicious cookies that I pinned a few weeks ago. Delish!
Hooray for summertime!


  1. Hi! Visiting from tt&j! I love when a project comes out like I planned! And this one is perfect! What a fun idea for summer.. I need to make one!

    If you get a chance I would love for you to share this at my Friday link party.. its going on now :)

  2. Thanks for sharing over at the The Winthrop Chronicles, this will be featured tomorrow!

  3. This is so cute! Love the bright colors. We are so happy to have you join us for our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". Please come back soon!! -The Sisters

  4. I love this "bucket" list. I'm a new follower would love if you follow back to check out my blog at www.iheartpears.blogspot.com